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Extra! Videos

Please note: These links are outside websites. I do not own these videos, and they do not belong to me. They are copyrighted to their creators.

Jill Wagner in Mercury Commercials:

-Mercury Commercials

Jill Wagner as Krista Starr in 'Blade: The Series':

-Krista breaks into Blade's Hideout
-Krista ashes the hit squad
-Krista vs. Glynnis
-Krista Music Video - 'When Im Gone'
-Short video featuring Krista
-Interview on her role as Krista <-- *NeW*
-Pilot Interview with Jill on her role as Krista <-- *NeW*
-Various Blade: The Series Videos <-- *NeW*

Jill Wagner as Larrin in 'Stargate: Atlantis'

-SGA Extended Trailer

Jill Wagner as Rachel in 'Shifted':

-Shifted Trailer
-Scene featuring Rachel