1. Being a fan of Jill Wagner is a desirable quality. Otherwise, why would you join?
2. You need a valid e-mail address. If you dont want it displayed, it wont be displayed.
3. Please use your real name or nickname, not your online alias. Names like -~Holly~- and DaBoMbEr wont be accepted, and may be changed without notice.
4. You don't have to have a website to join.
5. If you have a site, please display a code at all times. If no code is displayed, your site will most likely not be displayed.
6. No hate, racism, pornography, or any kind of impropriety sites. I have the right to remove any sites from here if I think they are inapropriate.
7. If you change your sites address or have a new e-mail please use the update form.
8. Have fun! Pass this site around to other Jill Wagner fans! Visit oftenly, as I will add new features and stuff.

Its as simple as that. Now if you are ready, grab a Code and Join!