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Extra! Interviews

Please note: These links are outside webpages. I did not interview Jill Wagner, so none of these interviews were conducted by myself.

Mercury Chick Interview:

NEW>>>>Interview with Jill Wagner>>>>NEW

Outside Interviews:

-KTLA Video Interview <-- Video Interview
-Interview on her role as 'Krista Starr' in Blade: The Series <-- *NeW* Video Interview
-Pilot Interview with Jill on her role as Krista <-- *NeW* Video Interview
-FHM Magazine
-Stuff Magazine
-UGO Film/TV
-Gateship One <-- *NeW* and in French
-Comic Monsters
-Playboy <-- Warning: It is the playboy site, so please do not blame me for any profanity as it is not my site. I am not responsible for anything on that website.