Welcome to Mercury Chick, The TFL Approved, and Official Jill Wagner Fanlisting. (Yes, official; it has been approved by the one and only Jill Wagner!)

Congrats to Jill on winning the polls!

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August 24, 2009 at 7:15PM PST
       I am sorry that I am quite possibly the worst at updating. I've had a lot of stuff come up, and as often as I do visit the site, I do not update the date on it too often. So, here I am updating the date AND writing an update.

       It has been a litle over 3 years since I have created this site. Now, I still admire Jill as an actress just as much as before, but I was 16 in creating the website and used to update almost everyday out of excitement. Sadly, I have grown older (who does that?). I am still trying to update as much as possible, and will try to create new things and place them on here. But, keep reading below.        I am sure most of you already know this, but incase you dont: Jill, being the wonderful actress she is, has her own website, with updates by herself. You can find her website by Clicking here.
       I do appreciate those of you who have been coming to the website, and I apologize for not updating it often. I know, it sucks. I will try to be a little better at it, but you shouldnt count on me too much. Jill has now taken it into her own hands to create and manage a website. That is definitely something to be admired. After all, how many actors out here do it? Hope you all take care, and please feel free to check back.
<3 - Shelly

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