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Disclaimers and Thank You's

-First of all, I am just a fan of Jill Wagner, and this is just a fanlisting. Although Jill is aware it exists, I run and manage it. So any fanmail sent to my email would most likely not reach her. I do not have her contact information, I dont have her email or phone number, nor her address, I am not her manager, I am not her agent, I am not her publicist, nor am I related to her in any way, other than being a fan. I made this out of appreciation for what she does for her fans, and the marvelous work she does as an actress.

-The layouts and codes and anything made by myself is Copyright © Shelly Shamir.
-Anything on this site that is not mine is Copyrighted © Their respectful Owners.
-All the things that are not mine have been used with permission from the respectful owners. I do not steal any work from others. If proof of permission is needed, feel free to email me.
-Images provided to me by Michael Dar for layout 1.4 are Copyright © Michael Dar, All Rights Reserved. They have been used with permission. They may not be reused from this site.
-Images provided to me by Brett Williams are Copyright © Brett Williams and Brett Williams Photography, All Rights Reserved. They have been used with permission. They may not be reused from this site.
-'Blade: The Series' and its characters are Copyright © Spike TV.

-I must extend my thanks out to Michael Dar for providing me with images to use on the current layout for this site.
-Thanx to Brandon, Jill's brother, for supporting me and helping me out. Without your support, I probably wouldnt be able to make this fanlisting, so thank you very much.
-And of course, thanks to Jill Wagner for doing what she does. Thank you for supporting me with making this fanlisting. I am a very big fan of hers, and I wish her the best of luck with her career. I will continue running this site as long as I can to show my appreciation for what you do!

What can I put here?

Well, this site was made for you, the fans. So, what would you like to see added here to the extra's section? Let me know!