The About Section! Yippie! On this page, you will find many things:

-A little about the current layout.
-A biography of Jill Wagner, written in her own words.
-A short bio of Jill written by myself.
-Answer to the question: Why did I start this fanlisting?
-A little info about the fanlisting.

So, grab a seat, if not already sitting, and enjoy! Hopefully there is enough info on here to answer your questions. If you have anything else you want to ask, feel free to drop me an email and I will answer you directly, and eventually place a FAQ section on here.

Tell me about the layout.

The photo featured in this layout is courtesy of Michael Dar and it is the most recent photoshoot Jill has been in. I liked the picture, and named the layout Carefree, because it just seems so.. relaxed. As if there was no worries. So heres the layout. Very simple photomanipulation and editing done to extend the couch/matress or whatever it is that Jill is on.

So, who is Jill Wagner exactly?

   Well, seeing as you are here, I would have thought that you would already know. Most people know her as the "Mercury Chick" from the Mercury Mountaineer, Mariner, and other car commercials. But for those who dont, here is a biography that Jill Wagner wrote by herself, featured on her IMDb profile.
"Okay guys, I am writing something in here just until I can get my REAL bio done. It's gonna be short and sweet. I am from the "big city" of Winston-Salem, NC. My favorite things growing up were transformers and the slip-and-slide. I also liked to eat spoons of butter and mayo together...I was a sick kid. Okay, so that wraps up my boring childhood. Now we move on to college. I went to North Carolina State University where I graduated with a major in Business and a minor in Marketing. How boring was I? In fact I was so bored with it all that I decided to move to a place where I knew absolutly no one and had no clue what the hell I was doing. Yes, like many, I headed out to LA. I got here and immediately fell into hardcore sex and drugs.....Just kidding...It wasn't that exciting:) I did a some commercials and a few print jobs for stupid things that are too stupid to tell you guys about. My print agent sent me out on the Punk'd audition and I proceeded to WOO the big execs over at MTV and you guys know it from there. I am working on a few things and hopefully you'll never see me as much as Jessica Simpson. Okay...there...I know it sucked but that's as good as it gets kids. Later. As always...Big Smile, "The real deal Jill" "

There is her bio in a nutshell, in her own words. And here is my attempt at a bio!

Jill Wagner was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She was raised by her father, who also taught her how to shoot. She attended NCSU and majored in Business. After graduating, she moved to LA and became a model/actress. She became the spokesmodel for Mercury Car Commercials, and a Field Agent in 2003 for Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd. In addition, she has starred in movies such as Shifted and Junebug, and guest starred on shows like "Monk" and "Sierra". Currently, she stars in Spike TV's hit series, Blade: The Series, taking on the role of Krista Starr. (Its a kick@$$ show btw, and Krista is awesome :D)

Why did I start this fanlisting?

   Simple. I am a fan of Jill Wagner, and noticed that she does not have a fanlisting.
   As soon as I saw Blade: The Series, I wondered who this actress whom I've never seen before is. After a little research, I read about where shes from, and that she spends time talking to her fans on the IMDb Jill Wagner board, under her username wagnerjill. A lot of people doubt that thats the real her, but I am pretty sure that it is her. After reading around a bit, I learned that she is a really cool, down-to-earth person. So I decided to make a fanlisting to show my appreciation for what she is doing, and to support her 100% with her career.
   Thus, this Fanlisting was born!

About this fanlisting:

   I hope most of you know what a Fanlisting is by now. It is stated on the Homepage aswell. :) This particular fanlisting is for Jill Wagner, a very talented actress. Most of you probably know her fro the Lincoln-Mercury commercials, or from seasons 1 & 2 of Punk'd. Jill Wagner can be found punking such people as Ashanti, Bow Wow, Tommy Lee, Katie Holmes, Taye Diggs, and more.

   If you are a fan of Jill Wagner and would like to be a member of this fanlisting, you can join. :) Just make sure you have read the Rules/Guidelines.